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It Has Been Quite Abit Since I've Visted Here As A Contributor.
But I'm Back! And I've Uploaded A Few Peices Of Art I've Done & A Flash I Made Recently About Left 4 Dead!
Hopefully If Everything Goes To Plan I'll Be Submitting More Projects. I'm Practising On My Flash Skills Again So Wish Me Luck!
And I'll Hopefully See You Guys Soon!

Wow It's Been A Long Time...


2009-05-07 13:05:55 by BatdanTheDarkKnight

I Actually Got Something Onto Newgrounds That Didn't Get Blammed (yet) xD
Im Well Happy Now =p
Thought I'd Do My Profile Up And Make A News Post =P
Anyways Thanks For Viewing It If You Have, I May Make Some More Soon =]]

BATDAN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!